Our Adoption Process

Our Adoption Application is designed to ensure a good match between dogs and
adopters. Before you submit an application, you´ll want to ensure the following items are completed.

  1. Please ensure you are located within a 35 mile radius of Alexandria
  2. Your current pets are up to date on all vaccines and preventatives
  3. Your current pets must be spayed or neutered
  4. Ensure you talk to your landlord if you are renting to find out about any pet
    restrictions, pet deposits, etc.
  5. Check with your home owner/condo association to ensure pets are allowed and
    check their restricted breed list
  6. Analyze your lifestyle to determine which breed mix would be an ideal fit for
    your lifestyle, level of activity, living space and such.
  7. Talk to neighborhood dog walkers to ensure you can afford a dog walker if the
    dog will be alone 5 hours or more per day
  8. Analyze your finances to ensure you are in a position to afford to provide for a pet
  9. Check with friends and family to set up a good network for your pet for the times you will be traveling.
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Once your application is submitted, our adoption team will review your application. The
review will be focused on whether the selected dog would be a good fit for you and if
you, your environment and lifestyle would be a good fit for the dog. If there´s a match
then you will be contacted for a meet and greet. Our meet and greets are set up with
our dogs and their foster families. This is a great opportunity for you to get to know our
dog and for us to get to know you. If the meet and greet goes well and it´s a good fit for
everyone then a home visit will be set up. If all goes well at the home visit then you will
have the option to proceed to full adoption. We ask that you do not purchase any items
for the dog until the adoption is fully approved. Once fully approved, you will be given a
list of suggested items to purchase to welcome your new family member home.

Please do keep in mind that none of our dogs can be held or reserved until after your
adoption is fully approved. We adopt each dog to the first approved and available

If your selected dog is adopted before your application is approved, we will gladly help
you select from one of our other wonderful dogs.

Adoption Fees and Contract

At the time of adoption, you will need to complete our Adoption Contract and provide
payment of our adoption fee. We are a volunteer rescue organization, our adoption fee
goes toward saving more dogs. This fee can be paid on our website using our donate

Our adoption fee is $350. Our dogs are fully up to date on all age appropriate vaccines,
preventatives, spayed or neutered and in many cases micro-chipped. Dogs over the
age of 6 months are tested for heart worm/lyme and Ehrlicia. Our dogs are also treated
for intestinal parasites. Please do keep in mind that our dogs come from rural outdoor
shelters and as a result they often require multiple dewormings to ensure they are
completely free of intestinal worms. Our dogs receive a full
vet check-up including a fecal exam prior to going to their new homes. Puppies will be
spayed/neutered and micro-chipped once they are 6 months of age. The adoption fee
covers their spay/neuter and micro-chip. One of our adoption coordinators will contact
you once your pup has turned 6 months of age to schedule his or her spay/neuter.

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