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Hope’s Prosthetic Foot/Leg Fund:

Dear Friends:

Please help us pay for Hope’s vet bills and prosthetic leg/foot. We rescued Hope from the streets of Oman with her two little pups. Hope had been shot in the neck and shoulder.  This brave mom not only kept her pups safe and fed, but kept herself alive in the midst of all the danger.

Now it’s time for Hope to get the life she deserves.  Hope is missing her rear foot.  We have taken her to Veterinary Orthopedic Medicine Group and she’s had x-rays/blood work and is a good candidate for a prosthetic leg/foot.

We need your help with donations so we can afford to give Hope the life she deserves. This sweet girl wants to run so badly.  She’s only 2 yrs old and has her whole life ahead of her.  Please help Hope today by making a donation. No donation is too small.