We thank you in advance for supporting our mission of all dogs deserve happy, healthy and loving lives.

Cadbury’s medical fund:


Dear Friends:

Please help us pay for Cadbury’s vet bills.  We rescued Cadbury from a kill shelter.  This poor guy has been on his own for some time.  He’s skin and bones, has multiple puncture wounds (dog bites) around his neck, wound around his legs, he’s been hit by a car and his hip is out of it’s socket.  He will need surgery to repair his hip.  He was covered in fleas/ticks and the list goes on.  Sadly he’s such a young boy…he’s estimated to be between 1-2 yrs old and he’s lived such a rough life already.  

We are so grateful to be able to help him with a fresh start.  Cadbury will continue to get medical attention until he’s all better.  Please consider making a donation towards Cadbury’s medical bills.  

We are a small rescue and depend on the kindness of our donors to help save dogs.  No donation is too small.  Every dollar will go toward helping a dog in need.